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Why Companies Hire Me


This is what I'm commonly hired for

Boost Revenue

I have a unique combination of skills in design, research and testing. This has helped me generate millions of dollars in revenue for my clients.

UX/UI Visual Design

I create clean and simple design. While it depends on the team I'm commonly hired to do a combination of both UX and UI design.

Product Optimization

Many times I'm the only one who's taking time to interview the actual users. This naturally leads me to make many product related desicisions.


These are a few of the many projects I've worked in

Recovery Brands

UX & Revenue Growth


UX & Revenue Growth


iOS Product Design

eBay Sweden

User Research

The Swedish Government

UX Design & Optimization


UX Design & Optimization


Genuinly passionate about connecting products with people

  • 2007 - 2012

    Started Designing Products

    In my late teens product design caught my interest and I begun working on my first online service. Naturally I aspirated toward UX design and over time I begun creating design for other companies.

  • 2012 - 2014

    Became A UX & CRO Specialist

    Detirmined to learn what makes a company successful I joined a specialized agency. The projects focused on conversion rate optimization and gave me experience with UX/UI design and A/B testing for growing startups.

  • 2014

    Moved To California

    Late 2014 I followed my dream and moved from Sweden to California. There are several reasons why. Both me and my wife have family here, the weather is outstanding and there are a lot of good opportunities!

  • 2014 - 2016

    Boosted Revenue At Two Startups

    Passionate about connecting products with people I joined Recovery Brands in San Diego and Parachute in Los Angeles. Using skills in user research, UX/UI design and A/B testing I helped both grow rapidly in their respective industries.

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My Process

These are the three practices I combine to have a big impact.

1 | User Research & Testing

Before I do any concept related design changes I always do qualitative research. It's a way for me to ensure I know the users inside out and the exact problem they are looking to solve. I use simple think-aloud-tests that I record and share with all the involved stakeholders .

2 | UX/UI Design

When I create new conceptual design I start with lo-fi wireframes and flow overviews. When I do UX optimization I often directly produce UI design which helps save time. I do most of my work in Sketch but I'm also used to working in Photoshop and prototyping tools like Invision.

3 | A/B Testing

A/B tests is an effective way to increase certain user behavior and profitability in a product. I have found that companies get an outstanding ROI when basing these tests on actual user data research findings. It's a must-have for every company which is why I've made it part of my workflow.

Success is in the details. I help companies discover the tiny tweaks needed to convert their users into customers. My method is simple and distilled. I single-handedly do user testing and UX/UI design which helps projects flow effortlessly.


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